For Rob Zombie, Making Halloween Was ‘A Miserable Experience’


Before David Gordon Green restored Halloween to its original glory, this franchise went through an unfortunate period where it was controlled by Dimension Films (aka Bob Weinstein and his disgraced brother Harvey). This goes all the way back to Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, but fans have been particularly hard on the pair of films Rob Zombie directed a decade ago. In a new interview with Forbes, Zombie made it clear that he also has unpleasant memories of these films—or at least the time spent making them.   

“Making Halloween with the Weinsteins was a miserable experience for me,” he said. “I was very reticent to do the second one. I did do the second one, and I thought, ‘Okay, well the first one was a miserable experience, but it did well, so maybe it’ll be easier the second time?’ It was worse. Oh my God. I felt like they weren’t trusting me on the first one because they wanted to make sure it was a hit and now they weren’t trusting me not to f**k up their hit. They would show me scenes from Halloween to try and make a point and I’d be like, ‘Yeah, I know. I made that movie. Why do you show me that like I’ve never seen it before?’”

Although Zombie has made several more films since Halloween II (including 3 From Hell, a new sequel to The Devil’s Rejects), he says his struggles have continued. “It seems like it’s never easier,” he explained. “3 from Hell is my eighth film. I’ve been doing them for almost 20 years, and every one of them is a struggle. You always think that somehow the momentum of the last one would make the next one easier. That’s never the case, and I don’t know… I guess it might be just because of the way I want to make them or the subject matter. They’re not projects that are screaming, ‘This is so commercial.’”

3 From Hell arrives on DVD and Blu-ray next month. Check out the trailer below.