Todd McFarlane Believes He’s Finally Close To Making His Spawn Movie


Over the last year, Todd McFarlane has had a lot to say about his upcoming Spawn movie (and even a Spawn-Venom crossover movie), but that film still hasn’t gone before cameras. According to the Canadian comic book tycoon, all they have to do is polish the screenplay and Spawn will be on its way to production, whether the Hollywood studios are interested or not. “I’ve got somebody that’s doing some tweaks on this script right now,” he told “As soon as we’re done with that, we’re gonna go full steam ahead. I’ve got financial people waiting in the wings, so if the studios decide that they’re gonna hesitate, then we’re gonna just go with outside money.”

McFarlane expects the project to attract interest from Paramount, Sony, and Universal—Warner already has DC and Disney already has Marvel—with the winner being the studio that promises the best marketing campaign and release date. “Some of them may say, ‘Hey, I’ve got this campaign, and we’ve got this slot… but you have to wait another three, four, five months till we got the opening that we think is right.’ And somebody else might say, ‘Hey, we can go sooner than that, but maybe we’re not gonna pour as much into advertising.’ And we’ll just have to weigh those variables, and then go, ‘Which one do we think makes the most sense for the project’s success as a whole?’”

Spawn’s release date remains TBD. While you wait for an update, check out the trailer for the original 1997 movie below.