Star Trek: Discovery Recap: O Vulcan Brother, Where Art Thou?


Returning 2020

As Captain Christopher Pike and two of his officers are beamed aboard the Discovery from a disabled Enterprise, Burnham braces herself to face her brother, Spock, for the first time in years. The impending confrontation is how this second season of Star Trek: Discovery kicks off—with both Michael Burnham and her fans holding their collective breath. But it’s all for nothing, because when Captain Pike beams aboard, Spock isn’t with him. In fact, no one really knows where he is. It isn’t until the end of the episode that Burnham uncovers a solitary clue.

We do, however, see glimpses of Burnham’s childhood with a very young, very resentful Spock (who says that Vulcans don’t have emotions). As kids, the two didn’t immediately take to each other. Burnham tells Sarek that at one point that changed, although the détente didn’t last. These flashbacks to Burnham’s youth on Vulcan are interrupted by the galactic crisis that’s necessitated Captain Pike’s takeover of the Discovery. The Federation has picked up a series of strange coordinated signals being beamed across space. The remaining one is transmitting from the middle of an asteroid field… right alongside a crashed Starfleet medical ship.


Reaching the ship costs the rescue crew one of its members (the cocky guy from the Enterprise with the inability to take advice from a woman) but once they arrive, the team discovers an engineer who’s been keeping her badly wounded shipmates alive for 10 months. The good news (for them) is that the war with the Klingons is over. The bad news is that the piece of asteroid they’re on is about to implode. In the rush to beam everyone over to the Discovery, Burnham gets left behind and is wounded but Pike returns to save her seconds before everything crashes down around her. Waiting for her rescue, she has a few seconds to contemplate the universe, immortality, and the mystery of dark matter. Lying there, she finds answers to at least one of the above.

Back on the ship, Tilly excitedly beams aboard a piece of the asteroid after Burnham reveals to her what kinds of questions such a specimen might be able to answer. Then it’s off to the Enterprise for answers about Burnham’s estranged brother. The ones she gets are beyond unsettling. Has Spock cracked?


5 questions we have about the Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Premiere

1. What caused the rift between Burnham and Spock? We know that Burnham blames herself, but, uh, that’s because she’s Burnham.

2. Will Stamets really leave the Discovery? Or will the possibly-dark-matter asteroid be enough to keep him on the ship?

3. Is there a bigger story behind Captain Pike’s surprise takeover of the Discovery?

4. What are behind Spock’s nightmares? Where are they taking him and why did he have to leave the Enterprise?

5. How amazing was it to see Tig Notaro in the role of Jett Reno?