Star Trek: Discovery Recap: A Terran Returns In Point Of Light

Returning 2020

Welcome back, Terran Georgiou. We totally missed you. Now that the show’s biggest badass is back, we’re hoping to find out what she’s been up to. This week’s episode provided us with a little bit of insight. The Federation forces she’s working with seem to be undertaking black ops missions. Chief among them: ensuring that L’Rell stays in power over the Klingon houses. To that end, Georgiou shows up just in time to save L’Rell and Ash for being tortured to death by a rival Klingon house. But that doesn’t mean a happy ending for everyone. Georgiou insists on a major sacrifice from L’Rell: she must give up Ash and their infant son in order to convince the Klingons that they are her priority and unite them once and for all (or for now).


On board the Discovery, Tilly continues to try to suppress images of her demanding dead high school friend May. May, however, will not be silenced. She has a mission and wants to see the Captain, only Pike isn’t the one she’s looking for. Her frustration leads to a major scene on the bridge in which Tilly loses her s#*t and ends up quitting her training program. So much for that spot in the Captain’s chair. Luckily, Tilly’s IRL/non-hallucinatory BFF Burnham steps in, deducing (in an incredibly clever way) that May can’t possibly be a figment of Tilly’s damaged psyche. Tilly doesn’t need sick bay, she needs Stamets. This is a spore problem. Using the dark matter on the ship, he draws it out of her.

Burnham is going through some drama of her own, heightened by Amanda’s visit to the Discovery. Amanda’s brought Spock’s stolen medical files with her, which she shares with both Pike and Burnham. A quick call to the hospital where Spock was being held reveals that he’s been accused of murdering three of his doctors and is now on the run. Neither Pike, nor Burnham, nor Amanda believe that this is true and assume that Spock has either been framed or that something even more terrible than they’d imagined has happened to him. Seeing drawings of the Red Angel in Spock’s hacked medical file, Amanda tells Burnham that Spock has been communicating with the Angel since he was a child—that’s how he knew where to find Burnham after she ran away to Earth as a child. Burnham tells her she’s seen the Angel, too. She also confesses to Amanda that she wounded Spock terribly when they were younger—she was trying to protect him from the Vulcan Logic Extremists by distancing herself from him, but despite her good intentions, Amanda seems deeply hurt by this. She leaves, telling Burnham that she will find Spock… alone.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery

1.  Voq and L’Rell’s baby: cute or no? Ash’s new beard: cute or no?

2.  Will Ash listen to Terran Georgiou and join the Federation’s freak club? We hope so (so that we can see more of what they’re up to).

3.  Okay, one more Klingon-related question: where did L’Rell get such realistic severed heads?

4.  Now that Stamets has silenced poor Tilly’s spore friend, will they still be able to communicate with it and find out what it wants and what it was trying to use Tilly to accomplish?

5.  Amanda seemed horrified by Burnham’s story about Spock… What could Burnham possibly have done to push her little brother so far away?