Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Safe Passage And An Obol for Charon


Returning 2020

Proving that dreams DO come true, Tig Notaro returns to her role as ship engineer Jett Reno on this week’s episode of Discovery. We’d been betting that her brief appearance early on in the season would lead to a larger storyline, and it looks like it has. Notaro was joined by guest star Rebecca Romijn in the role of the mega-badass, I-don’t-care-if-you-like-me Number One, who just dropped in to say that the Spock situation is seriously messed up.

The rest of the episode basically consists of the crew of the Discovery proceeding to (in the words of Matt Damon’s The Martian character) ‘science the sh*t out of’ their current situation. In case you need a refresher, that situation involves a giant hunk of living (yep!) rock—the one Tilly insisted on beaming aboard (a decision she probably regrets at this point).


The crew’s translation system has gone completely haywire thanks to the machinations of the naughty rock (though it’s more like naughty Discovery, whose adventures in spore driving have decimated the rock-thing’s entire way of living). Its desperation — as seen in May’s hectoring of Tilly — is due to the fact that it has thousands of years of knowledge to impart and no one to listen. A genius leap in logic from team Saru/Burnham finally leads to an understanding of what this strange entity wants from the Discovery’s crew. Phew! Except Saru is also in a rock-related life-or-death sitch. Damn!

Apparently Kelpiens are susceptible to a natural herd-culling process in which their fear ganglia get so worked up that they either go mad or give up the ghost. Dying is preferable to madness, and so Saru makes his choice and says his goodbyes (Burnham is especially choked up—we guess they’re tight now?). But just as Death is about to swing his scythe in the direction of Saru’s ganglia, the darn things shrivel up and fall off, saving Burnham from having to use a ceremonial Kelpien dagger to cut them off (and kill her friend). Okay, that’s one brother-type rescued and one more to go… Spock, where are you?

5 questions we have about the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery

1. How the heck is Saru going to live with himself AND follow the Prime Directive in terms of his home planet?

2. What will the crew of the Discovery do with their newfound rock knowledge? Is there data about piloting the spores drive without making Stamets crazy(er)?

3. Pike and his squad had been on track to find Spock (cheers, No. 1!) but how long is that project going to be put on hold now?

4. How will Saru’s character change now that he doesn’t have his ganglia— which to the crew were a warning system, but to Saru were the source of his constant anxiety and fear?

5. How is Tilly going to cope with the kind of mycelial network overload that Stamets (a more self-possessed character) barely survived?