Star Trek: Discovery Recap: The Sounds Of Thunder And Revolution


Returning 2020

It’s true: you really can’t go home again. This is an axiom that Saru proves true when he makes an unplanned visit to his home planet of Kaminar with Burnham in tow… only to turn all of Kelpian civilisation on its head through a confrontation with their enemies, a dark revelation about their past, and a forced evolution courtesy of Tilly’s beloved Sphere (of knowledge and power). Phew. A lot happened this week.

It all began with yet another cameo by the Red Angel, this time on Kaminar, forcing Captain Pike to make a tough call about who to send there to investigate. Thanks to an intervention from Burnham, both she and Saru are beamed down to the planet’s surface where Saru immediately runs into his sister. She’s both glad to see him not dead and totally pissed that he’s bringing this Red Angel business to Kaminar.


Her anxiety stems mainly from the fact that the appearance of a Federation ship and two of its crew members (one a Kelpian) has enraged the neighbours. Kelpians share the planet with a race called the Ba’ul who reign over them due to their technological superiority (the same tech Saru hacked to contact Captain Georgiou 18 years ago).

The Ba’ul insist on the cull, insist on maintaining the Balance, and insist that Kelpians going through Vahar’ai (losing their threat ganglia) be killed. They have their reasons (the Sphere reveals that Kelpians were once the planet’s predators and nearly drove the Ba’ul to extinction) but it’s still a pretty harsh system.


During the final showdown between the Discovery and the Ba’ul, Saru beams himself aboard a Ba’ul ship and learns all of the above truths. Still, he knows his people must evolve and with Tilly and Burnham’s help, they use the sphere to make it happen to all Kelpians simultaneously. As they’re going through this epic change, the Red Angel makes another appearance and prevents the Ba’ul from destroying every Kelpian village on Kaminar. It’s now up to the Kelpians to learn to live with the Ba’ul in peace.

Bonus: Saru’s encounter with the Angel led to some additional intelligence about the being. It appears to be a humanoid creature in a mechanized suit capable of time travel. Like a TARDIS you can wear. What is this creature’s agenda?


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery

1. Thanks to Saru’s superior vision, we finally got a better look at the Red Angel… and he or she is humanoid. So who is it?

2. Why has Spock had a lifelong connection with the Red Angel whereas the rest of the Federation is just finding out about this time travelling entity?

3. Was the preview for the coming episode just a tease, or are we actually (finally!) going to get to meet Spock next week?

4. Is the Angel a warning beacon for imminent trouble, or is he or she (or it) actually causing the disruptive events across the galaxy? It seems like the latter…

5. What is Burnham hoping to find on Vulcan?