Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Past Sins And Saints Of Imperfection


Returning 2020

So remember how Stamets kept bumping into Dr. Hugh Culber inside the mycelial network? That’s because Hugh is IN the network somehow, not dead but hiding behind some poisonous bark so that May and her crew can’t eradicate him like the virus he is (to the jahSepp, anyway). But he is disintegrating — slowly coming apart the longer he spends in May’s world. The good news is that he’s alive and that Stamets manages to convince him that he, Tilly, and Burnham aren’t mycelial-made ghosts. It’s a Valentine’s Day miracle.

Still, the risk level that Pike agrees to is SUPER CRAZY HIGH. The mission to rescue Tilly involves hitting pause halfway through a sport drive jump so that Burnham and Stamets can pop into the network and grab Tilly (and, hopefully, Culber). Possible outcomes: either the mission is a success or everyone dies. It’s a tough call but Pike’s ‘leave no one behind’ mentality overrules things like logic and risk. In the end, the only reason the Discovery makes it out of their suspended between two universes situation is thanks to the Section 31 ship that’s been tailing them (as the Discovery has been tailing Spock’s now-abandoned shuttle).

The only reason everyone makes it to the end of the episode alive is because the ship tailing the Discovery pulls them out of their weird stasis like an intergalactic tug boat. Now, having been forced to reveal themselves to the Discovery crew, the Section 31 team has given up their cover and are just hanging out on the same ship, throwing Tyler and Burnham back together and throwing Tyler in the faces of Stamets and Culber (let’s all take a pause to remember how Tyler-as-Voq snapped Culber’s neck like a twig last season). This is more awkward than the most recent episode of The Bachelor. Or any episode of The Bachelor.

5 questions we have about the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery

1. Um, does Pike not know that Section 31 Georgiou (aka Terran Georgiou) is not the original Georgiou? We’d think that her death (and Burnham’s involvement and sentencing) would have made the news.

2. Tyler seems to have gone all in with his commitment to his new role with Section 31. What convinced him?

3. What is this reconstituted Culber going to be like? Has life in the mycelial network changed him? He spent the entire time between seasons in there!

4. Are we about to enter time travel territory with this crazy Spock-on-the-run, red angels storyline?

5. Where is Spock? When do we get to meet Spock?!