5 Things To Keep In Mind Ahead Of The Star Trek: Discovery Series Premiere


Returning 2020

After a riveting first season, Star Trek: Discovery is returning to Space—after leaving us in a near-painful state of anticipation with the brief introduction of the USS Enterprise during the final moments of last year’s season finale. It’s been a while since we caught up with the crew of the Discovery, so you’d be forgiven for forgetting some of the details of where we left off. Catch up with our crib sheet to see where we’re headed in Season 2. It’s going to be epic.


1. Burnham and Lt. Tyler


Tyler, having totally freaked Burnham out with the whole Klingon-inside-a-human thing, has retreated into his past. He and L’Rell (there’s another unhealthy relationship) have been tasked with unifying the Klingon royal houses and reaching a peace deal with the Federation for good. We’ll see how that goes.


2. Captain Georgiou


Her mirror universe doppelgänger is on the loose in the prime universe. Burnham (maybe feeling some residual love and/or guilt when it comes to her old mentor) had a rush of empathy for Terran Georgiou… it’s a decision she may well pay for this season.


3. The Spore Drive


Its future is in question. Controlling the drive took a huge toll on Lt. Stamets’ body and brain. Tilly managed to nurse him back to health at least physically, but his mind remained unstable for much longer. Starfleet’s official position is that a non-human interface needs to be found and that until then, the technology is off limits.


4. The USS Enterprise


When we last left the Discovery, they were being hailed by the Enterprise. What does this Federation ship want with the Discovery? How will the newest and oldest Star Trek seriescollide?


5. Spock


He’s coming. And we have so many emotions.