We Have The First New Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Trailer, And OMG It’s Good


Returning 2020

Thank you New York Comic Con for blessing us with this, the first trailer for Star Trek: Discovery’s mega-anticipated third season. When we last left (read: were brutally torn away from) Michael Burnham at the close of Season 2’s finale, we had so many questions. What will the future be for the Federation? Is Control neutralized for good or just for the foreseeable future? Will Burnham ever make Captain?

Burnham has launched herself far into the future, 930 years from home, but she’ll ultimately have her ship and her core crew—essentially, her family—with her. Well, we hope. Fingers crossed. Until then, it looks as though Burnham is spending her time searching for what she calls “that domino that tipped over and started all of this.” “All of this” being the whole Control thing, the time travelling mother thing, and the Klingon entanglement thing(s). It’s a lot of things. And it looks as though there are more things to come.

We’re already counting down to Season 3’s 2020 premiere, and every little clip, photo, and piece of intel that comes our way is a cause for serious excitement. This new trailer, of course, is no exception. Check it out below for a little taste of the season to come.