What We Learned From Star Trek: Discovery’s Latest Short, The Escape Artist


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The final instalment of Star Trek’s brilliant Short Treks series aired last night, starring (and directed by) Rainn Wilson. Wilson popped up earlier in Discovery’s first season as Harry Mudd, a character fans of the original series know well. A longtime fan of classic Star Trek episodes himself, Wilson took his inspiration from Roger R. Carmel’s ‘60s-era portrayal of Mudd, but the addition of some modern (and very off-colour) jokes made the performance all Wilson’s own. Here’s what we learned from the latest Short Trek.


Harry Mudd is hands down the Star Trek universe’s most lovable villain


Reward or no reward, we can’t fathom how anyone could hand Harry over to the authorities. Even when you know he’s conning you, you can’t help but fall for this character’s smarm-meets-charm.


Mudd’s reputation as legendary con man is well-earned


This Short Trek episode jumps back and forth through Mudd’s timeline, highlighting some of his closest calls with the authorities (and the bounty hunters that do a lot of their legwork). Just when we think it’s all over for this bad boy, the short’s reveal shows off the biggest con of all time.


A lot more effort needs to go into protecting space whales


Ahem. Enough said.