We Have A Star Trek: Picard Premiere Date AND A New Trailer


Series Premiere Thursday 9/6p

Do androids dream of aquatic landscapes? No, but former starship Captains appear to. Hey Data, see you later?

Star Trek fans already know that Jean-Luc Picard is returning to the franchise (seeming to not have aged a day—tell us your secrets, Patrick Stewart) for his own spin-off series, but Star Trek: Picard‘s newest trailer shed some light on which other familiar faces will be making an appearance on the show. Yes, we know that we’ll be seeing Data (Brent Spiner) again, along with Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine and Jonathan Del Arco as Hugh the Borg. BUT! This new trailer reveals that another well-loved character will also have, at the very least, a cameo on Picard.

The big news with this new trailer is that Jonathan Frakes will return as fan favourite Will Riker—and man, is it a beautiful reunion when he and Picard finally meet up. The trailer takes us from what looks like Tuscany (but is probably just Napa) to San Francisco as Picard attempts to rejoin the Federation flock in order to help a desperate young stranger. Picard has a plan and a mission, but it looks like Starfleet is unwilling to back him up. Will he go rogue? We can’t wait to find out. We’re guessing that Riker will be there to support him no matter what he does.

One of the burningest questions is this: will this new Star Trek series cross paths with Discovery, now in its third season? With Discovery’s wildly fluctuating timelines, anything seems possible.

Picard premieres January 23 on CTV Sci-Fi Channel. Check out the newest trailer below.