Fans Can Pilot The Millennium Falcon At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge


Cancel everything on your summer itinerary—if you’re a Star Wars fan with plans to travel outside of Canada this season, there’s really only one place to go. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has its official opening at California’s Disneyland on May 31 (its Disney World twin will open in Florida on August 29) and from what we’ve seen of the first look photos, this theme park will blow minds. For starters, the park is home to both a droid depot that lets you design and build the exact droid you’re looking for and a lightsaber workshop where you can customize your own handcrafted Jedi (or Sith) weapon. But the feature that’s probably getting the most buzz is the Millennium Falcon flight simulator. Dubbed the Smuggler’s Run, the attraction allows flight teams of six pilots to take the Falcon out for a spin on a interactive smuggling mission à la Han Solo. Check out the first footage of what it looks like to fly the Falcon:

The park’s setting is the remote planet of Batuu in the galaxy’s Outer Rim territories (Disney has described the park and the events that take place there as being situated between the new trilogy movies The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker on the larger Star Wars universe timeline). It’s a fully realized world populated by familiar Star Wars characters, serving up Star Wars food from cantinas, cargo bays, and kettles (yes, you can get Luke’s favourite blue milk here), and selling all kinds of licensed Star Wars treasures (Kyber crystal, anyone?).

Get a closer look at this genuinely epic park below.