Watch Ocean’s Eleven Join Forces With Star Wars


star wars

Like just about every Star Wars character, Admiral Ackbar has a loyal cult following. Thanks to a new video mashup, his fans can now imagine what it would be like if Ackbar starred in his own movie—about a Vegas casino robbery.

In an inspired pairing of voices and characters, Synaptic Studios has brought together Ocean’s Eleven and Star Wars in a new video known as Star Wars: Rogue 0.01 – Ackbar’s Eleven. Playing easily the least attractive character of his career, George Clooney is cast as Ackbar, a marriage of voice and animal mischief that can’t help but recall Fantastic Mr. Fox. But what’s most striking about this video is just how seamlessly the two movies fit together. If Steven Soderbergh ever decides to come out of retirement and direct Ocean’s Fourteen, he might want to seriously consider setting this movie in space.

In other strange Star Wars video news, another new fan creation should make life easier for fans who can’t find time to revisit the first six films in the series. Titled Star Wars Wars: All 6 Films At Once (that second “Wars” might be a typo), this video runs an epic 2:22:29 (aka the same length as the longest Star Wars movie). The concept is simple: all six films play simultaneously on a single screen, creating an intriguing effect that plays more like an experimental film than a crowd-pleasing blockbuster. Even if you only make it through the first minute, you’ll get an enlightening look at the evolution of the Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox logos. After that, it gets a little more chaotic.