5 Things To Remember Before Supernatural Returns


Thursdays 8/5p

It seems like only yesterday when we first met Supernatural’s Sam and Dean Winchester. It was, however, 14 ghoulish seasons ago. Time flies when you’re fighting demons and hopping between universes, right?

The show’s most recent season finale featured no-one-can-lie chaos, a barrage of Celine Dion jokes (we’ll consider that a shout out to Canada), and a hands-off God throwing the tantrum to end all—well, basically all of everything. In case your memory’s a bit fuzzy, here’s what you need to know going into Season 15:

The End


Way back when Season 11 aired, Supernatural achieved the spooky status of “longest-running American live-action fantasy” on television. And so with this, its fifteenth and final season, an era is ending. October 10 marks the first of just 20 more episodes of Supernatural—which is kind of crazy to think about considering the show’s creator, Eric Kripke, didn’t intend for it to live on past five seasons.

The Impala


After all the beheadings, garrotings, impalings, disembowelings, and spontaneous combustings, the Winchesters’ sweet 1967 Chevrolet Impala doesn’t have a scratch on it. This is the car that Chuck Shurely (a.k.a God) called “the most important object in pretty much the whole universe.” We hope it survives this final season/the end of the world. 

The Bunker


“Now you live in a secret bunker with an angel and Lucifer’s kid.” No one can give it to you straight quite like your dad, right? Going into last season, we witnessed the return of both Winchester parents and saw them peace out again—but not before Papa John could sum up his sons’ predicament in a single, hilarious sentence.

The Ma’lak Boxes


After willingly committing himself to one, Jack easily let himself out of the very same box—because, duh, he isn’t an archangel. He’s something more. Is he killable? Yeah, but he didn’t go out the way we thought—or God intended.

The Cliffhanger


Season 14 ended with a teeny tiny cliffhanger—in the form of the coming of the end (of the entire world). RIP Jack, who got smote by God (and sent to the Empty—hey, Billie), but we’re far more worried for Sam, Dean, and Castiel. Supernatural’s God is, like the God of the Old Testament, one angry dude, and the Winchesters have crossed him by refusing to play his game. So he emptied Hell and sent a zombie horde after the Winchesters and their pal, Castiel. It didn’t look good for them. We’ll see how it goes come October 10.

 The final (!) season of Supernatural premieres October 10 at 8/5p. Check out the trailer below.