Linda Hamilton Sees Herself In Terminator: Dark Fate’s Mackenzie Davis


Terminator fans have waited 28 years for Linda Hamilton to revive her signature role—and that wait is almost over. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress called Terminator: Dark Fate “the greatest and hardest thing” she’s ever done, a bold claim that would make this sequel an improvement over two sci-fi classics: The Terminator and T2. “In terms of what we built, it went far beyond my wildest dreams,” she said, before acknowledging the many challenges involved. “That doesn’t mean I want to go and do another one. Once is probably enough.”

According to Hamilton, bringing Sarah Connor back to the screen was a mammoth challenge due to audience expectations and physical limitations. “It was a bit daunting because of the legend,” she explained. “Not that I’m a legend in my own right, but I knew that everyone was just going to go, ‘Aw, she doesn’t look the same.’ Well, it’s been 28 years, kids… I couldn’t get the muscle mass that matched T2. So we focused on movement, and my body came into the rhythm of a soldier, as opposed to just looking like a soldier.”

Like any revival of a decades-old franchise, Terminator: Dark Fate also required some strategic passing of the torch. Observing the hard work of her co-star Mackenzie Davis, Hamilton was reminded of her own commitment to T2. “Watching her just made me want to do that much more, be that much better,” she said. “I was totally inspired by Mack. It was like, ‘How are you doing this? How is it possible that you’re not completely breaking down?’—it was just mind-bending to watch, and made me so utterly proud.”

Terminator: Dark Fate arrives in theatres on November 1. Check out the trailer below.