The 8 Most Insane Cameos In Sharknado 3

sharknado 3

sharknado 3

Who wants to see Anne Coulter eaten by a shark? What’s that you say? Oh, everyone does? Well, good news: we may get to! The loathsome right-wing talking head has a cameo in the newest Sharknado movie, playing the Vice President of the United States no less (note to self: find out if this movie is set in post-apocalyptic times).

The Sharknado franchise is known for its clever cameos and Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! is no exception. The threequel boasts an impressive 27 cameos in total. You may have already seen the first one—Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban popped up briefly in the trailer that was released earlier this month. Here are seven more favourites you’re definitely going to want to tune in for:

1. Michele Bachmann

What is the Tea Party’s stance on how climate change is contributing to an increase in shark-saturated storm systems? We believe the official party line is that Obamacare is the real storm we should be worrying about. Fingers crossed that Bachmann becomes shark bait.

2. Jerry Springer

No, Springer will not be facilitating any DNA tests to find out which adult male shark is the biological father of a certain baby shark. He’ll be playing a panicky tourist instead.

3. Chris Kirkpatrick

The former *NSYNC member will be tearing up hearts as a swimming pool lifeguard—unless he gets torn up by a shark first.

4. Jedward

Two identical singing Irish guys: how can your movie not have that?

5. Lou Ferrigno

Ever wonder if some actors agree to be in movies not for artistic reasons or to challenge themselves but just for the money? Nah, neither do we.

6. Frankie Muniz

Sharknado 3 mercifully answers the question: “Whatever happened to that precocious kid from Malcolm in the Middle?”

7. Penn and Teller

The pair of illusionists play retired NASA officers. This might be our favourite cameo yet.

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! premieres on Space July 22 at 9e 6p.