The Doctor Who Xmas Special Teaser Has Two Doctors And One Companion Comeback

Resurrecting characters you were sure you’d seen that last of is a classic Doctor Who move. See: the teaser for the upcoming Christmas Special, which reunites departing Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor with the Time Lord’s very first incarnation (originally played by William Hartnell, the role is being revisited by David Bradley for the special). But that’s not the only familiar face that showrunner Steven Moffat, also ending his tenure on the show, will be bringing back.

Fans at this weekend’s Doctor Who San Diego Comic-Con panel were treated to a first look at December 25’s annual Who tradition: the Christmas Special, ‘Twice Upon A Time’. In it, Doctors One and Twelve appear to be stuck inside a single moment from WWI. The only other moving person is someone called The Captain, played by series regular Mark Gatiss (also a writer on the show—his most recent episode was this season’s ‘The Empress of Mars’)… that is until the end of the clip, when Twelve is reunited with Pearl Mackie’s Bill Potts. It’s not emotional at all.

Missing from the teaser clip is Jodie Whittaker, on deck to play the Thirteenth Doctor, but we do get a glimpse of Twelve’s glowing regeneration hands, so you know it’s coming. Check out the video below: