A Complete Guide To Every Cartoon From Your Childhood That’s Getting A Reboot

We are living in an age of reboots and the trend isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

Thanks to the internet, fans are actively campaigning for their favorite shows to get a second life—and networks are clearly listening. Cartoons and live-action series are being revitalized by the likes of Netflix, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and more, with original cast members stepping back into their iconic roles after a decade or longer. Although the Tales from the Crypt reboot is unfortunately dead as a doornail, there are still plenty of amazing shows on the horizon.

We’ve compiled a list of animated reboots that have already aired, are currently airing, or will air, and will be updating this article as new developments arise. Get your DVRs ready.


The Powerpuff Girls

When: First premiered April 4, 2016 and just finished Season 2

Where: Cartoon Network

The lowdown: Though voiced by different actresses, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are back to save the city of Townsville from utter destruction.



Samurai Jack

When: First premiered March 11, 2017; series wrapped May 20, 2017

Where: Adult Swim

The lowdown: Technically, this series didn’t reboot itself—instead, it got a fifth and final season 13 years later that officially concluded Jack’s story.





Muppet Babies

When: 2018

Where: Disney Junior

The lowdown: This reboot switches from animation to CGI-animated versions of Jim Henson’s characters’ younger selves. Get ready for more wacky adventures with Kermit, Gonzo, Miss Piggy, and more.


Rocko’s Modern Life 

When: 2018

Where: Nickelodeon

The lowdown: The residents of O-Town are getting their own TV movie and are ready to take on more absurd adventures. No word on whether Rocko will return to his phone-sex operator roots, though.


Carmen Sandiego

When: 2019

Where: Netflix

The lowdown: World traveller and successful thief Carmen Sandiego will soon ride again, with Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez voicing the villainess. Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard will voice Player, Carmen’s pal and accomplice, as they pull off new capers.


Invader Zim

When: TBD

Where: Nickelodeon

The lowdown: This TV movie will continue Zim’s exploits as he tries to take over the world in an attempt to gain the respect of the Irken leaders.


The Magic School Bus

When: TBD

Where: Netflix

The lowdown: The Magic School Bus Rides Again will continue Ms. Frizzle’s wacky field trips for a modern audience. SNL star Kate McKinnon will voice “The Frizz.” Seat belts, everyone!



When: TBD

Where: TBD

The lowdown: This reboot is in its super early stages, but fans can’t wait to see more zany (to the max) adventures of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot.