Wynonna Earp Interview: Melanie Scrofano Tells Us What’s Coming Up In Season 2

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“Funnest show ever.” That’s Melanie Scrofano’s assessment of her first season playing the kickass title character on Wynonna Earp. “I really liked everything she said, everything she did. It all made sense to me.”

If you’ve seen the show (Season 1 just finished airing on Space) then that probably tells you a lot about Scrofano as a person, who says that her sense of humour (and unbridled sarcasm) lines up nicely with Wynonna’s.

As we saddle up for Season 2 (okay, so no one actually rides horses in this Western) Team Earp faces a whole new set of challenges—like, beyond ridding an entire town of its undead constituency. When we last saw Wynonna’s kid sister Waverly, she wasn’t quite herself (remember that possessive puddle?). How will our hero cope with all the fresh family drama?

By doing what she’s always done. “She still has to keep saving the world,” says Scrofano.

For more insight into the world of Wynonna Earp, check out our interview with the show’s star below: