Wynonna Earp Recap: Demons Gonna Getcha Good—Unless An Earp Gets ‘Em First

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It’s homecoming weekend in Purgatory and a sack-faced demon is terrorizing the championship hockey team of ‘07. Blame it on the demon that’s been in control of her body for a the past few weeks, but former head cheerleader and prom queen, Waverly (of course) is more concerned with being her girlfriend’s private dancer than helping her sister battle the town’s latest monster, who’s on a mission to collect his pound of flesh in exchange for the decade of good fortune he brought to the jock squad.

That leaves Wynonna and Doc to get the job done, only Doc’s been a bit busy with his bar’s new mixologist—an attractive young biochemist called Rosita who is working on a top secret serum in the basement of Shorty’s bar. The mix is missing just one ingredient: demon juice.

Conveniently, Wynonna is on the trail of one juicy demon: the scarecrow guy running around town forcing hockey players to pull their own guts out. Less conveniently, she’ll have to take him “alive” (or whatever demons are when you don’t just put a bullet in them with Peacemaker) in order to extract what the need out of him. When her high school pal Perry’s plan to use a combination of runic symbols, High German, and blind courage to defeat the demon doesn’t work, Wyn steps in and just wishes the thing back into the hockey championship trophy it came from. Now it’s Rosita’s job to figure out how to cold press him.

With her police officer girlfriend drowning under a pile of paperwork back at the station (all thanks to some rich creep with a penchant for upskirts), Waverly is free to help Wynonna and the rest of the Black Badge crew work on the Doc’s home-cooked basement concoction. It turns out to be a batch of Dolls’ super juice, reverse engineered from a tiny supply Doc has been holding on to. Unfortunately, Waverly’s version of helping involves swiping a cocktail shaker from Shorty’s and bringing it back to the barn where she appears to be holding a severely weakened Dolls for a weekend fun and torture. What’s gotten into her? (Like besides a demon and an entire tube of lipstick.)

As if old sack face wasn’t enough demon for one day, Wynonna’s friend Mercedes is also dealing with a pair of her own (and we don’t mean her perv brother and doormat sister). She’s either been killed or kidnapped by those black widow ladies who seem to have some kind of connection to the ancient chapel underneath the old school Mercedes is converting into condos. Developers beware.

5 Questions We Have About This Week’s Episode

1. What’s in the cocktail shaker, Waverly? Or did you just want it to add to your weird horde of stainless steel barware and Medic Alert bracelets?

2. How did Waverly get her hands on Dolls in the first place? Has she had him there ever since he came to give Wynonna back her necklace?

3. Does the thing that’s possessing Waverly have any ties to the black widow demons that attacked Mercedes?

4. What’s Nicole’s new on-duty look going to be now that she has permission to ditch the khakis?

5. Are Wynonna and Doc over? They keep coming so close to not being over, and then shutting the door on things all over again. Figure it out, you two.